This music video for "Boomerang" by The Bare Naked Ladies is a visual narrative about the evolution of the home movie while it was still popular between the 1970s and the 1990s. It follows a girl from early childhood watching home movies on a projector, to her older self as a teenager in her basement watching home movies on a Betamax VCR, to her college dorm where she watches home movies on a DVD player. She takes this journey through her life with a friend who has always been there, and always will be.

Writer/Producer/Editor: Constantin Preda
Producer/Production Manager: Erica Martinez
Co-Directors: Lenny Lennox and Chris Fitzgerald

Directors of Photography: Chris Fitzgerald and Dustin Gardner
Casting: Erica Martinez, Genevieve Pickard, Krista Gilbertson
Production Assistants: George Wymenga, Durand Dupell, Brandon Mason
Special Thanks: Alicia Conway and Ben Rock

Brandon Mason - 70s Dad
Ellison Hinnen - 70s Little Girl
Brooke Stalo - 80s Teenage Girl
Paige Foppen - 90s College Girl
Brandon Mason - Bear (Day 1)
TJ Searl - Bear (Day 2)

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