The film is an experiment, an attempt to investigate the notion of life; As it has always been, as it is today. It is a subtle social comment whispered through sound and visual. The film travels from the timeless into the crevices of modern busy life and resorts to the poetic image to facilitate a kind of movement of thought in the viewer.
In this kind of story-telling, rhythm and pace are key conveyors of narrative; Tonality and composition are stimulants for the eye to create meaning; and the subjects and sequences are the architects for structure. An existential apathy forms the soul of the film.

Cameraperson : Radhamohini Prasad
Direction, Sound Design & Editing: Rebana John

Cast : Sounmya Suryanarayana
Sarojini Devi
artist : En Busca Del Pasto
albums: Sommer & Digresiones 3- Dialogos de tres

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