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An escaped prison inmate makes a deal with a U.S. military drug experiment in exchange for his freedom. After taking on a new identity in Los Angeles, the side effects from the drug and his past catch up with him.

Written and Directed by Andre Welsh

Starring: Chioke Jelani Clanton (Cuff Me if You Can), Ron Kaell (Trauma), Jessica Sonneborn (House Across the Street), Don Stark (That 70's Show)

Also Starring: Jessica Roth, Ahku, Mitch Costanza, Jenny Pellicer, Leanne Wilson, Tobias Mehler, Phillip Jeanmarie, Aaron Massey, Ryan McCann, Jo-Anne Krupa, Michael Coons, Kyle Koromaldi.

Produced by Andre Welsh
Co-Produced by Mitch Costanza and Jeff Gadigan
Cinematography and Editing by Andre Welsh

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