"To be a bride" - a small project that connected small group of different women from different countries, that live now in Berlin.
Video tells a story, a dream of each woman about one of the main days in her life - wedding and main dress of her life - wedding dress.
From childhood you think about your wedding, dream to be most beautiful day of your life, this day is a border, and after starts different life, you build your own world and family, it is a start day of new grown-up life.
But as well it is just one day and sometimes you want to go back there, be just happy without any problems, just celebrate and think about nothing.
You are on the way to work, sitting with your baby, reading a book alone, dancing with closed eyes or doing your every day routine. But somehow sometimes this thought comes to your mind. . .

- - -

Soundtrack - Candy - Wedding Theme From Candy

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