Storage Infrastructure has always meant two things:

Lots of hardware, and lots of work.

And every new office is just one more headache.
Managing mismatched hardware across multiple sites is the kind of soul sucking tedium that could push IT over the edge.

Now the LOGICAL solution is to outsource your storage
But giving someone else full control of your important information,
and letting performance suffer just to go the cloud doesn't sound like a logical solution at all.
At the end of the day, you can't afford to screw this up. And downtime isn't an option.
Well, what if you could have data storage as a service, keep full control and local performance?

With Nasuni, you can.

Using crazy complex technology, Nasuni has figured out how to take on-premise hardware and combine it with the cloud to give you everything you expect from storage infrastructure.
Except it's not what you expect.
By simply installing a small controller at each site you get an insanely powerful system DELIVERED on the spot.
Nasuni has the power to standardize your storage without IT giving up control.
Every user at every office gets the same enterprise-class experience...
along with some features you'd NEVER be able to add yourself.
like unlimited backups
infinate scale without adding hardware
and complete disaster recovery... in less than 15 minutes...
And as part of the the deal…our team of super-genious engineers constantly monitor everything.
Now, downtime is a thing of the past.
So, save yourself some work, stop throwing hardware at the problem, and get BETTER infrastructure - as a service, with Nasuni.

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