Thank you to everyone who helped tweet your feet and make this project for Stana's birthday. This is seriously the best fandom ever, I mean I don't know many other fandoms that would manage to get over 500 pictures of ATP in just a matter of weeks. Sadly not all the pictures could be used because the song isn't long enough, but that clearly shows the magic of this fandom.

Special shout out to Katie (@Green_Tiger_21) for her many, many pictures and helping me choose the song for this video, and also for being my guinea pig watching the video.
Also a shout out to Ashley (@AshleyYonga) for keeping this project going while I was in China.
You two are amazeballs.

Just everyone who helped in this are literally the most amazing humans ever *yes, that does include my friends at school who i may or may not have forced to ATP* and I want to hug all of you and your awesomeness :D


So here's the question: can you find your feet? ;)

x Verity. (@HummingAtNight)

Song: Take A Walk - Passion Pit

Obviously made for Stana's 35th birthday because she's the definition of awesomesauce *duh*. It's a small gift but I'm hoping it means a lot :P

Peace out, humans.

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