INTONARUMORI 100 was an original work performed with eleven reconstructed Intonarumori futurist noise machines in celebration of the centennial of Luigi Russolo’s ‘The Art of Noises’.

Instruments engineered and built by Carl Bajandas, after designs by Luigi Russolo

Composed by Ziyun Peng and Can (John) Özbay

Construction by Edwin Cho, Matt Dawson, Dan Sztanga, Nathan Trevino, Andrew Viny

Performed by the Wats:ON Festival Noise Orchestra:

John Ozbay
Ziyun Peng
Elif Baskin
Patra Virasathienpornkul
Carlos Camache
Guangyu Xia
Rui Zhang
Yi Cao
Jorge Sastre

Written and performed for the watsON? NOISE Festival 2013 - Curated by Golan Levin and Spike Wolff

‘Ancient life was all silence…. with the invention of the machine, Noise was born.’ – Luigi Russolo, ‘L’Arte dei rumori’

Noise continually surrounds us, from white static to violent intensity. We are absorbed into, embraced by, and assaulted with sound. Vibrating through our bodies, we capitulate as it engulfs us and permeates our psyche. In the still of its quiet absence and the thrill of its deafening roar, the force of sound is a constant. wats:ON? 2013 explores the realm of noise through a variety of analog, digital, and apparatus enhanced sound-music performances. Noise asks you to surrender to the possibility of the rush of the sublime.

The Jill Watson Festival Across the Arts (wats:ON?) was created to honor the life of Jill Watson, whose interest in the arts inspired others through her work and her teaching. The festival celebrates Jill’s commitment to an interdisciplinary philosophy as an artist and celebrates her accomplishments and reputation as an architect. Jill Watson was a Carnegie Mellon University alumna, adjunct faculty member in the School of Architecture, and acclaimed Pittsburgh architect who died in the TWA Flight 800 plane crash on July 17, 1996.

The wats:ON? Festival is made possible by the generous support of the JILL WATSON FAMILY FOUNDATION.

This lecture is co-hosted by The wats:ON? Festival and CMU HCII Human Computer Interaction Institute, with support from :

CMU College of Fine Arts
The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
CMU School of Architecture

Special thanks to:

Dan Martin, Dean, College of Fine Arts
Golan Levin, Director, The Frank- Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
John Carson, Head, School of Art
Stephen Lee, Head, School of Architecture

Additional support and past collaborations include:

CMU ETC Entertainment Technology Center
CMU HCII Human Computer Interaction Institute
CMU School of Art
Carnegie Museum of Art

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