Throughout history, geography has informed lifestyles, civilizations have formed and transformed, borders have changed. At the north west corner of India, Punjab has developed an identity that is a result of its location through the ages. It has seen turmoil for quite a while. The last tragic event in the timeline of the state was the Sikh riots of the 80's, ridden with bloodshed. There were many forces that came together, from extremists to those with power, creating unrest among the people of Punjab, the Sikh identity as well as other faiths, with ideas and guns.
Thirty years on, we, The Memory Lab, from Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore, spoke to people that once lived in that space, and still do, to find out how memory sustains the relationship of the self to the surrounding, over time. The changes in how we look at acceptance, absence and faith, that such events manage to shake, is what this film portrays, through three stories.

This film was originally projected on a wall, each screen being around 5.5 feet by 3 feet.

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