Instant on-court lighting

Barely two years ago the Miami Heat television broadcast crew tried out a Litepanels battery operated portable LED lighting fixture for fill lighting during courtside interviews and on-camera talent updates for their NBA game broadcasts. After seeing the Heat's success with Litepanels, the fixtures have become ubiquitous with portable cameras at NBA and college basketball games.
The courtside portable camera is called upon, as soon as a timeout is called, to shoot on-court interviews and announcer on-camera discussions. With venue lighting coming from the ceiling above, these camera operators need a quickly deployable portable light that can fill in faces with just the amount of intensity to match the ambient light on the court behind the talent.

With the onboard dimmers on Litepanels portable light fixtures, the camera operator or lighting assistant can easily and quickly dial-in exactly enough light for each quick set-up, with no worries about changing color temperature: Litepanels LED fixtures can dim from 100% to zero with no noticeable change in color temperature. Because LED fixtures require no restrike time between being turned off and on again, the hand-held camera operator can quickly be re-deployed from location to location as on-camera opportunities present themselves.

Because of the low-power draw from Litepanels LED fixtures, a battery pack will easily last for the duration of the broadcast.

View the 1x1 Standard Here:

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