This performance video is a trailer for our live performance under the project called ReHEARsal.

Rehearsal is a responsive system based on motion tracking technology which was made possible
with Kinect and visualised with vvvv software. The participant is invited into an environment where
their silhouette is abstracted and projected onto opposing surfaces composed of lines. These lines
suggest a rigid and regimented architecture. However once the participant begins to move, the rigid
lines become fluid and respond, warp and fluctuate while sounds begin to resonate in response to the
participants gestures. The data collected from the gestures of participants is forwarded to a synthesiser over Pure Data and processed according to the user interaction.

In this space, which is designed according to the interactive project, there are rubbers that both restrict and manipulate participants' movements in front of the projected walls. On the other hand these rubbers react to the manipulation of the participant as well because of its elastic structure. The vibration of these rubbers is projected on the same surface as a silhouette among with the other reflections, projections and silhouettes of the participant.

With the possibilities this specific interactive design enables we made a choreography with two performers. The performers' embodiment interacts with an ever-changing system. Spatial and interactive design gave the performers the opportunity to alter their reality and it’s new augmented state. Through play between two encounters it became possible to simulate new possibilities. The performers are forced to re-encounter themselves from a different perspective and with a different set of rules and results. On the other hand they encounter each other and transfer this duality and confrontation to the choreography. This project through it’s use of interactive and responsive systems creates a space for positive re-imagining. The project aims to encourage people to question and possibly re-structure the environments we find ourselves in, rigid as they may seem.

Rehearsal Team:

Curator: Selçuk Artut
Consept Design : Gürkan Kurtbay

Creative / Coding : Ekber Servet Ulaş

Sound Design : Deniz Sağlam

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