Time-lapse Collection - Tutorial Series - Day to Night

This day to night time-lapse was shot on a Nikon 10.5mm at f/2.8 of the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego in 2011. My Nikon D300 was plugged into a AC outlet which allowed me to shoot for several hours without batteries. The camera was attached to the balcony railing with a rail clamp and I started the shooting the series every 10 seconds at 1/2000 at f/2.8 at ISO100 manual WB 5200k. By the end of the seven hours shoot, I made three adjustments of approximately 4 stops each and finished my series with an interval of 6 seconds every one minute at f/2.8 at ISO100.

The final clip was compiled by using a traditional method of cross dissolving all four clips in Final Cut Pro. There are several softwares that will automatically complete this task with mix results.

Key Features:

-used an AC plug to keep my Nikon shooting for 7 hours

-did not anticipate the brightness of spotlights

-Day to night works better with cloudless skies because the length of time shooting

See my website for future time-lapse workshops richreidphotography.com

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