Directed by JonathanHerman
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To promote the latest addition to Subway's menu, the delicious sounding Tandoori Chicken Flatbread, Jonathan Herman and McCann London have created a new spot showing us the life-changing power of choice.

With a good dose of Jonathan's stylised humour, the spot introduces us to a baby named Keith Keithson and the man he eventually grows up to be. All his life, Keith has been an average kind of guy with an unfortunate haircut, a guy whose decisions have always been made for him. But in this story of triumph over monotony, a lightning bolt arrives in the shape of a Subway employee and one momentous lunch break later, Keith is transformed into a new man entirely.

The charming backdrops to Keith's story were designed by production designer Olly Williams and a suitably nostalgic atmosphere was added by the fine folks at Craft London.

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