Multimedia nmk videoclip of 14 min 21 duration 4U The visuals range as e- a- realtime archive photos, b- archive and new photogramm slections, c- late and very recent freehand digital popups, d- recent artworks from exhibitions this month, e- new ipad outbreaks, f- new photshop cutouts as novelties
The supporting 14.27 random selected musics are as follows 1 min 27 John Cage early piano musics track,
2 min 39 İlhan Usmanbas composition a recent Bilgi Univ Studio realization -Sekizil- and finally 10 min 21
Pauline Oliveros 1967 tape music from mills college Tape Music Center called Alien Bog 33 min here
a selection of 10min is excerpt from the end of it All feedback comments are kindly requested as your precious feedback supports and importantcontributions

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