a year ago i filmed the wedding of this beautiful girl to the equally beautiful ben peterson. ben had been the
ben had been the subject of more than one campaigns to get him married... his friends made t-shirts, wrist bands, etc and recruited people all over the portland metro area to join the get ben married campaign.
ben wouldn't have it. it was going to take a really special girl to win his heart.
enter fibia. one of the sweetest, kindest, and most beautiful girls in the world. they met at a show, and it was pretty instantaneous, from what i understand.
a couple years later, they were saying their vows up on stage at one of the most beautiful weddings i've been to, surrounded by amazing friends and family that literally made me both laugh and cry that day... a lot.
ben and i agreed to keep the video hostage for their one year anniversary. so check this out.... this weekend he took fibia to a town in central orgeon called bend to celebrate their first year of marriage. last night, he rented out a movie theatre in town, and together they watched the video for the first time on the big screen.
i put together a 30 minute feature of their day as well, but the teaser is up on my vimeo now, so go check it out.
ben + fibia are one of the coolest couples i know, and i'm so blessed to call them friends. they are going to grace the world with some beautiful babies someday, no lie. i just hope they don't come out of the womb with ben's beard.

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