*** Please download the original file. It is encoded at 3:2 and Vimeo is adding black bars at the edges for 16:9 ***

Very short test. Short clips due to current buffer size limitations of the camera. Remember this hack is in very early stage. There's also a drop frame at the end.

Full info at EOSHD - eoshd.com/content/10294/3-5k-canon-5d-mark-iii-raw-video-with-magic-lantern-and-latest-updates

Music - Radiohead - Codex itunes.apple.com/gb/album/hail-to-the-thief/id15875734

Huge thanks to Alex, 1% and the other Magic Lantern devs.

3.5K crop mode uses around half the sensor, but the window is not in the centre of the frame. Jello in this mode is quite severe so not very suitable for handheld work.

2.5K full sensor mode is 1928 x 1285 3:2 and be cropped in-camera to (1920 x 720) or squeezed to approximately 2.66:1 anamorphic (1920 x 670). With these crops the raw DNG data rate is under 90MB/s and so theoretically writable to a 1000x compact flash card at 24fps.

Modes demonstrated in the video:

- 3540 in 1:1 crop mode
- 1928 x 1285 in 2K full frame mode (3:2)
- 1928 x 1285 crop of 3.5K (3:2)

The sensor output is 24 to 30fps in DNG raw mode and can record continuously to the buffer. The buffer however dumps out to the card very slowly. Reasons for this are being investigated. My guess is that the debayer for the live view image review feature slows it down since the 5D Mark III's card controller can write sustained data rates of 75MB/s with my KomputerBay 1000x 64GB CF card, with Magic Lantern's benchmark.

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