How do you leverage a large existing Facebook fan base to build excitement and to drive awareness for the next installment in a blockbuster kids movie franchise?

We brought the now infamous characters of Manny, Sid, Diego and Scrat to life through the setting of a 1980’s style arcade game. Using the latest in GPU accelerated graphics technology and a real-time physics engine, we created a gaming experience that felt more like a console game rather than a crappy browser-based game.

In order to drive word of mouth and make the experience more engaging, we utilized Facebook Connect to bring the players' friends into the game as the characters they need to save from the evil pirate Captain Gutt. When a user fails to save one of his friends, we prompted the user to notify their friends that they drowned in a frozen ice block.

The process of building the game required us to go through several iterations of user-experience design, prototyping with adjustable physics, and finally adding a layer of high-quality graphics and sound design inspired by the movie. We also localized the site for 12 different languages ensuring an appeal to fans young and old, regardless of their location.

The engagement rate was high, with users playing the game for an average of 6 minutes.

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