Trout fisherman and Best trout flies for Trout fly Fishing in May.

Sunburst Blob – WILDCARD FLY

The Blob is arguably the UK’s most deadly, Stillwater Trout pattern of the 21st century. It is incredible to think that something that bears absolutely no representation whatsoever to anything in the natural world can be so successful – but it is!

Many believe a Blob fly has the capacity to exhibit some similarities of Daphnia blooms, however, when fished in such a luminosity of colours it is hard to see truth in this. I actually believe the Blob fly is something so alien to this underwater world that an inquisitive Trout just has to take a closer look. In taking a closer look it still cannot define its mesmerising whereabouts, so the Trout activates one of it’s senses - Taste. Without the ability to touch and feel it has no other option but to mouth the fly and we all know what this means – a solid take!

Either way, like it or loathe it, the success of the Blob cannot be ignored and despite the timing of the year along with the abundance of natural life that is surrounding the resident fish, this fly always has the ability to catch a fish or raise an inquisitive Trout hence forth why I have chosen to include this fly as my wildcard selection

Best fished: As the Blob is a fly which does not promote a lot of action through it’s materials, I like to put as much action into the fly as possible. Using short, sharp twitches to prompt a take. However, an equally successful retrieve is a slow figure of eight motion which can certainly develop hard takes.

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