Selected for and screened at Zebra Poetry Film Festival (17/10/2014, Berlin, Germany)
Screened during a showcase on videopoetry for FROWN (07/02/2014, Athens, Greece)
Screened at a videopoetry showcase for DE BOOG (october 2013, Antwerp, Belgium)
Screened at the Presentation of 'Stofsûgersjongers / Stofzuigerzangers' at Perdu (02/0/2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Film by Swoon for the poem 'De bern ha it fjoer oanstutsen ' by Tsead Bruinja

Words, translation & Voice: Tsead Bruinja (
Concept, Editing & Music: Swoon
Thanks: VFX Footage

The poem 'De bern ha it fjoer oanstutsen ' is part of the collection 'Stofsûgersjongers/Stofzuigerzangers'

• the children have lit the fire
we give off too much light together
you and I think they don't see us
but they see us
like they're watching a sky
full of stars falling on vlieland
end of august
it's night on the island of need
that is eaten away at by crests of reproach and desire
while at the same time generous waves of promise
deposit sand
the children have lit the fire on the beach
boozing it up almost like adults
they confess to each other
see each other each other each other
one boat can take me away from here
but for that I must be sicker
and give off less light
one boat won't come
however I curse
burns down
on other waves
molten gold
the children have started a fire
and we
we give off too much light

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