Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Paris on Sunday (24th of March 2013) in order to express their opposition to the possibility of homosexual couples adopting and raising children in France.

With posters, flags showing heterosexual families, songs about "Mother and Father" and a lot of noise, the demonstrators showed their intention to fight against a proposed bill, allowing all couples to adopt children.

Most of the protesters told us that they are not against gay or lesbians living together - some of them said that they are not against them even getting married. They opposed the idea of them raising children, claiming that every minor needs ideally a mother and a father, otherwise they would be mislead and confused.

The questions remain though about what is actually "normality" and why a child can't grow up with 2 fathers, or 2 mothers, or just 1 homosexual parent, as many heterosexual do anyway and always did?

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