An original poem by Imani Ifedi. Film compiled and edited by Emily Kuo.

Check it out on Youtube please!! Feel free to share with anyone and everyone

Please do not assume the sexual orientations of anyone in this film. All rights to the original footage belongs to the creators listed below.

Anderson, M. T., Leonard, S. (Producer) & Limkilde, M. (Director). (2012). Einstray Stray - Caressed.

Davis, T. (Producer) & Agustavo, J. J., Lewis, R. (Director). (2012). Macklemore - Same Love.

Dempsey, S. (Director). (2008). Little League, End Sequence.

Gory, D. (Editor). (2012). Flickering Lights. Torrell, E. (Producer) & Johansson, G. (Director). (2011). Karl X Johan - Flames. Vimeo. com.

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