With and by Nicole Daunic, Susanne Grau.
Sound wow by Taraka Larson

The Nature, real demons don't need us to carry out their acts of ill will - in fact, it is the height of vanity to suppose that we human beings are in any way necessary for them.

The Nature, a dance for two women, beautiful music, objects and some phantastical movements. The piece focus on dance that is, that exists on its own terms, that appears to express not human consciousness but dance plain and simple. The Nature is a dance organized through methods of breaking with anticipation, dramaturgy and interpretation aiming at a dance that shows up. Not really funny or mind blowing but you know just a dance.
A small society has during a few weeks channelled demons in order to become obsessed. In any particular order Linda Blair, Balanchine, Kubelka, Chakra breathing, Dennis Hopper, Kraken - the giant squid, Sutter Cane, Coke Zero and others has been called in order to enter shady, out of focus landscapes, blurry color fields, cosmic minefields and the atomic swing. And those places were kind enough to lend us some dances, come and have a look.

The Nature was presented at Eden's Express Way on Broadway in the beginning of March 2013, in some kind of collaboration with Movement Research, MOMA PS1.

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