Patch that utilizes the Synthesis Technology e355s LFOs to modulate the x and y axis of the Intellijel Planar to create complex patterns with no VCAs or sequencers.

The basics of the patch are the e355 is in phase mode and bank B of wavetables. The e355 LFO 1 is going into CVx of the planar while LFO 2 is going into CVy. CV morph on the e355 is coming from a sine wave on a Dixie LFO. DPO osc 1 sine in LFO mode is modulating the 1v/oct put of the e355.

Four sound sources at different pitches are fed into the Planars inputs A through D then out of the main mix output into processing modules. The sources and processors are further modulated via planar CV outs.

Additionally there is a free running micro hi-hat created by the SSF quantum rainbow pink noise clocked separately by Pamela's workout.

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