After hours of frustration, I was finally able to balance the Merlin with the GH1 and practiced a little. Did some pans and tracking... my room is a mess from all the boxes that I still haven't cleaned up as I playing with the Merlin and the GH1 haha...

It's quite wobbly here and there as you can tell. But even with my amateurish handling of the Merlin you can see the steadiness.

Definitely need to practice more on the technique with the Merlin. Using shorter cuts would of course help but wanted to test the Merlin, not to make a movie.

- Shutter 1/50 (for the "film" look blur)
- Aperture 5.6
- Focal Length ~45mm on the Lens
- shot at 720p 30fps, Vegas Pro, Output to WMV 720p 30fps

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