2013-05-12 See vimeo.com/65942606 for a different Kiwi grip: "d"grip and it's advantages!

I first learned about this in Rich Levitan's course and then promptly forgot all about it probably because I did not practice it enough (only for the cadaver lab as part of a whole slew of other airway stuff). Then just yesterday I uploaded that crappy cam recording of the ISIS intubation and Tim tweeted to me suggesting to use the Kiwi grip as a road to faster smoother intubation .. that echoed in the dim recesses of my memory. Tim sent me a link to his video on this (near the end of vimeo.com/56663118) and the light finally went on. I had actually seen his video before after Levitan's course but I was too dimwitted to incorporate into my practice at that time! So today I went in the sim and played/practiced till I was happy with it. Next intubation will be with Bougie First Kiwi/Pistol Grip!

The advantages of bougie first intubation is that it is by far easier to get a bougie into the trachea than the tube. Once the bougie is in, you are almost 99.999999% assured of successful intubation! Use it for your anticipated difficult intubation (kiwi grip or not), as part of your first DL attempt or if you encounter difficulty in channeled laryngoscopy tube delivery etc etc! Heck use it for your emergency surgical airway too (storify.com/TBayEDguy/scalpel-bougie-open-cric-trach-tech)!

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