Director of Photography: Alex Lawrence

Agency: Clearhead

Part of the Factory Films series. Meeting Rebecca came about by chance, but worked out to be what we think is one of the most beautiful films we have ever created. After putting a call out for any interesting creatives we had a number of people get back in touch.

However Rebecca stood out from the start with some fragile, unique and poignant art that she had placed online. We set up a Skype call and what immediately became apparent was the struggles that Rebecca had gone through both personally, artistically and spiritually.

Another key area that we wanted to highlight was of the changing landscape of Williamsburg. Having gone through a seismic socio-economic change over the past couple of decades. Creativity can bring so much to any area that it touches. No more so than when a post-industrialized area is now a quagmire of dis-used warehouse spaces, graffiti and trouble. Where NY has led the way for other areas of similar history (Shoreditch to name just one) is to use the creative as a way to reenergize an area. Slowly as artists, musicians, filmmakers move in suddenly the area becomes ‘hip’. As this happens and open warehouse spaces are suddenly inhabited the economic value of the properties (and land) goes up. The local government then make the transition moving the creative out to a land further afield and replace this with wealthy banking types.

This dichotomy was something that intrigued me in particular. That’s when Rebecca said that she was living in Williamsburg we hit the jackpot.

After seeing the performance space that Rebecca had created in her home, we thought that, with her permission, we would play her most insightful and raw film. As you will see we also managed to see and hear raw emotion from Rebecca, who spoke candidly about the nuances that had made up her life and how creativity can be a way out, but also a box difficult to break out from.

Finally we managed to complete the journey with a trip down to the river side… where what was waiting was a view we couldn’t have ever imagined!

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