RYAN W. GATES - Producer/Director/Editor
TROY LOTT - Producer
HEATH BALDERSTON - Creative Director/Director
LONNY QUATTLEBAUM - Director of Photography
KRISTIN BEAL - Production Coordinator
TRAVIS KRAUSE - Motion Graphics

Shot on the Cannon C300 and GOPRO HD

This (00:30) TV spot is the first installment of the "Renovate" TV campaign created for Heroes Sports Bar & Grill in Wichita. It was an octopus of a production as I had hands in everything due to the short turnaround required to go from concept to broadcast in less than 2 weeks. I worked with my CreativeRHINO team to draft up the marketing plan and initial concepts based on the business plan set forth by Heroes. From there I developed script and storyboard, followed by video boards, and music demos by day 2. Day 3 was location scouting and preparation with the crew from Intake Studios. Day 4 was preparation and acquisition of extras. Day 5 was the 16 hour production day followed by 2 days of log/capture and assembly cutting. Day 8 we assembled the rough cut and began work on the motion graphics and on day 9 the video was loaded to the broadcasters for immediate on-air use.

This piece features my concept, writing, direction, voice over, and editing. However, a concept is nothing without an amazing crew to execute and the crew from Intake Studios was one of the best I've had the honor of working with. I am looking forward to the future ads I'll be doing for Heroes and can't wait to relinquish more of the duties to the brilliant creative minds at Intake.

Special thanks to the entire staff of Heroes, Eric Davisson, Larry Burnham, Kathryn Van Steenhuyse, Kristin Beal, Paul Abromeit, and the Tallgrass Film Association board members, staff, and volunteers. Most of all thank you to our wonderful extras who patiently worked with us to make this piece and deserve all the glory though their gorgeous faces only flash by the screen briefly.

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