Music: Nikos Kypourgos
Lyrics: Fide Köksal
Director: Angelos Frantzis
EMI Music 2013

Lyrics (english translation)

Rahime came to the world on a starry night
Mother Nature gave her all of her own beauty
She was born, pure, as the dawn broke
As groans and wailing from the cotton fields were heard

She was named after the Womb (in Turkish "rahim" means "womb")
Her mother had prayed for a boy
With lips like a rose and skin like silk
She had been married off at twelve

Dressed in her wedding gown and veil
She lay on the white sheets
With tears in her deep black eyes
To God she prayed with all her heart

Oh, if only my body were made of stone so that I would not feel
Oh, if only my heart were fire so that I would turn into ashes
Oh, if only my eyes would drain away like water so that I wouldn't see
Oh, if only there was a way back to my mother's womb

Don't be afraid. I am here as close to you as the rain of your tears
The rose does not blossom before its right time

I lift my arms to you, save me from this pain
Take me to the skies and shelter me from all sin

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