Member-controlled enterprises (MCEs) encompass: credit unions, building societies, friendly societies, community benefit societies, insurance mutuals, social clubs, co-operatives and mutuals of all kinds, including: co-operatives of consumers, farmers & growers, communities, workers, artists, artisans, professionals, social co-ops, and many other forms and types of MCEs.The differences between the various forms lies in the specific practices that each form has adopted to meet their specific purposes.
Unlocking the power of self-help and mutual action can bring truly amazing results. Problems can be transformed into opportunities when committed people with enthusiasm and creativity work together within a member-controlled enterprise. However, people do need a framework that facilitates their understanding of the true nature of their enterprise. Where people don’t fully understand both the purpose and the function of their organizations they will never give their utmost or realize their full potential; instead, they often become disillusioned.
The member-controlled model of enterprise provides a framework that guides decision-making throughout the enterprise and sustains those practices that are indispensable for success; and, providing the basis for rejuvenation and renewal.
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