Rupert in the mud pool at Sadhana Forest India, an ecological restoration project run by a utopian community in Tamil Nadu, India. 

"Maybe it’s nostalgic, but I think the yearning that so many urbanites recently have for this maybe idealistic notion of life in the country, or rural life, is a more sensual life––and I don’t mean sexual, I mean sensual in terms of a full-body experience. We’re sitting in front of a screen all day and the interactions we’re having are these one-dimensional, screen-based relationships that have no feedback. Obviously, it’s creating this wild anxiety in our culture where people are on more antidepressants and focusing drugs than ever… But I think that when you get out to the country you have this feeling that time is different and you think, ‘I want my life to last longer; I want to feel the sun on my skin; and when was the last time I watched the sun go up and down in one day?’"

"Five or six years ago, I wasn’t ready for that removal from the energy that a city has or the access to a certain type of culture and intellectual stimulus. But I think it’s just about recalibrating and asking yourself, ‘What is intellectual stimulus? Is it lectures inside of a cold building, or is it the fact that you know where Venus is every night?’" 
- In conversation with Amy Franceschini of Futurefarmers

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