Short film by Emily Jayne Lewis called Hallucinations.

The concept, is about a girl that you follow in her everyday life, she gets bullied, walks home. But then she starts falling into these patterns of hallucinations. The flashes of rust, wire, and plants growing through the cement, it symbolises her mental health decaying, and feeling of entrapment.
Towards the end, it shows she is actually in a mental health hospital the whole time, and the beginning of the film was in fact either her old life or an entire hallucination. At the very end, it shows her walking through the bus station home once again, showing that this is a repetitive process.

Music is The Road by Hurts (edited by me)
Cinematography, directing, and editing by Emily Lewis
Becky Townsend
Sharon Lewis
Darren Lewis
Joe Ward
Megan Little
Emily Hoare
Minhajul Islam

Special thanks for Colette and Paul at Fab Cutz.

I do not own the copyright for the music.

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