Shot Breakdown

1. Beep, Short Film (shot 9) - Animation

Daniel has flipped out because the metal detector has beep again even after he’s taken all his clothes off.

2. In about an hour - Animation

This guy thinks he’s just to cool to care.

3. Beep, Short Film (shot 5) - Animation

Daniel needs to get to his girlfriend so he takes his shirt off.

4. Beep, Short Film (shot 6) - Animation

The officer looks at the shirt as it goes by.

5. Beep, Short Film (shot 7) - Animation

Daniel does not care any more the pants go to.

6. Beep, Short Film (shot 8) - Animation

The officer does not believe this guy just strip down to his boxers.

7. Fruitcake - Animation

The character is offering a fruitcake that was given to him last Christmas.

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