To start with, we proudly present our new T-Shirt Collection. To keep it unique and individual just like the Paradigm crowd itself, we established an absolute limited T-Shirt Collection. The T-Shirts will be avalaible during every event that takes place in Paradigm in the months January and February behind a special counter.

This project is meant to combine nightlife with daylight. The Shirts are made for a night out as well as for a chill day in the park or on the couch with your friends or lover. In cooperation with the Designer label NNICHI from Amsterdam and promising, young artists; the T-Shirt becomes a collector item.

The choice of fabrics, as well as the complicated water- print technique makes this T-Shirt an one of a kind piece of fashion. Every T-Shirt is handmade and there are only 50 unique pieces avalaible for boys and girls. How do you make sure you get your hands on this special token?

Send an e-mail with your name and your order to and your T-Shirt can be picked up at the counter during one of the nightly events at Paradigm or we could send them by post!

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