The so-called 'photo button trick' can help you get the exposure right, when you film in low light situations / total darkness.

I learned the 'trick' from this video tutorial:

and used it in this footage. The tutorial was made for the Canon HV20 but works for the HG10 as well (they share menu / software).

The footage happens to be me filming the tutorial :). You'll see my HG10 filming with no gain (at the lowest ISO setting possible for the camcorder).

The only available light source is my two monitors. At the end of the clip, you'll see me turning off the 'exposure lock' and the HG10 increases the gain making the image brighter but also adds gain (more grainy images).

Some like it bright (with gain), some prefer it without the grain (but darker). It's up to you.

PS: You will need to have a mini SD card installed in the HG10. Zoom all the way out before you start the tutorial.

Hope that helps.

Music: Boards of Canada

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