Blesscode is an original project of the Ukrainian musician and director - Evgeniy Nozhechkin, conceptually linking music and cinema. Before the world sees the first single and a video on it, a set of short art films connected with the common idea will be performed to the public. The author promises a plenty of mysteries, puzzles and secrets, which will associate with each other in different parts of films and, eventually, unfold in the debut video of the band. All of the actions, characters and details will unite in mutual story, where the secret subtext hides.
EH: “Blesscode project is an art form that has never existed before. There is a place for music, movies, photo and style in it. It’s a kind of collective image for modern youth. I set myself a goal to inspire people for good, bright, constructive and creative thoughts, to guide them to right and impetuous deeds.
The name was created itself with two energetically powerful words – the secret of happiness, the code of blessing. These are the components, which make a man absolutely happy, blessed and spiritually filled from the inside. But the code to all of this we are to find out together..”
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Director - Evgeniy Nozhechkin
First Assistant Director - Sergey Shubin (Popmilk)
DOP - Evgeniy Ushakov
Admin - Segey Nozhechkin
Art director - Laslo Almashi
Style - July Nykolenko(Hardglam) & Inga Shevchenko
Make up - July Melnyk
Hair - Max Danilov
Photo - July Gladirenko
Backstage - Ksy Tverdochleb
Color Correction - Vlad Delonge
Copyright - Mark Livin
VFX - Headshot Studio
Sound design - Roman Cherenov(BakerStudio)
Assistant - Max Verhovyh
Assistant - Max Myshenko

© Scissorfilms 2013 (
© Blesscode 2013 (
All rights reserved

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