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Sorry about the music playing in this one – it’s not an edit but what was playing!

The Total Gym is an exercise that we started in 2009 and it has really helped progress in putting tension into the leg muscles and gaining control in the legs. This video-clip is taken at the beginning of this exercise, as it is important for me to show progress starting with what is far from possible at the start.

The Total Gym is useful as it is adjustable (incline can be raised) but at this flat level (initially in video) it allows me to move my legs without the restriction of the weight of them and the rest of my body.

Watching myself on the video was instructive as I realised how much I am doing. It’s an odd one, because one minute I can be pushing apparently easily, and the next I just lose the connection and there is no push at all (or maybe the muscles, being so small are quickly tired).

There are all manner of things to control: the up down push, stopping the legs from flopping to the side, and whether I start from the bottom or the top, which exercises the muscles differently. When the legs are tight, that’s when I can push, so sometimes Hratch holds my legs to stop them flopping allowing me to concentrate on the push.

Necessarily, it’s a long video: I wanted to show the different exercises, and the differences with height adjustment.

You can see the push comes from different muscles, and sometime it takes a while to find out what works. Sometimes it feels the opposite from what it should be. You can see that I have to push the pelvis down before I get the push in the legs.

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