A strange contraption - or "doo-hickey" - manifested itself on my front patio the other day (or was it at night?) when I wasn't looking. I surmised that it had come from another world due to its unique appearance and vibe, but I could not ascertain its purpose . . . if any.

Then just this afternoon, I was wandering and playing my flute - and Lo! Its purpose became immediately apparent!

MUSIC: "Moseying On" -Written and Performed By Myself (Lawrence Carroll, Copyright 2013)
Video Effects: Written by Myself (Lawrence Carroll) in Visual Basic 5.0 in the past few days (today is May 6, 2013), and which made extensive use of the PaintPicture Method, and using that Methods RasterOp,
Photos taken with the Canon EOS 5D Mk II in Raw Mode, and converted into Bitmaps on the computer (Windows 7) using Paint Shop Pro.
Resultant Images from Visual Basic then compiled into a Video with my music using Virtual Dub 1.9.11 by Avery Lee.
In addition (and very importantly), I played the music on my Yamaha Keyboard, using MIDI cables into Garage Band on my MacBook, and recorded in real time the keystrokes using Camtasia. It was this film that I then broke into individual images using A4 Video Image Converter back on my PC, and converted the .MOV video that Camtasia recorded of the GarageBand keyboard on the MAC. I used AVS (Online Media Technologies) Audio Converter 7.0 to extract the music from the MOV film into an MP3 that I then used in Virtual Dub . . . .

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