"An enigmatic and potent film. Extremelly personal and full of ideas. I'd love to see Isaac Ezban approaching a larger format" - Guillermo Del Toro

"Shot in twelve days by a man driven to keep his cinematic vision intact, it bodes very well indeed for his future in psychotronic cinema" - Hal C F Astell (apocalypselaterfilm.com)

“It’s crazy, it’s funny, you don’t know what’s gonna happen next, and it was just the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen…..and I mean, I saw “Eraserhead” when it was a real midnight movie, not just a curiosity on DVD” - Greg Lamberson

“My favorite film of A Night Of Horror Film Festival 2011….Highly original, atmospheric, visceral, pervertid, deranged, brilliant. I look forward to a feature” - Bryn Tilly

“I fuckin love this film. A must see with capital letters and exclamation mark (i.e. MUST SEE!)” - Pablo Pereira

“As it went on, I began to sweat and then to tremble. I contemplated walking out. And then I realizad this was precisley the reaction that filmmaker Isaac Ezban hoped to evoke” - Lingua Fantastika Magazine

“Una de las mejores y más recientes propuestas de género fantástico mexicano” (“One of the best and most recent proposals on mexican genre Films”) - Jose Luis Ortega Torres (Revista Cinefagia)

Running time: 34 mins.
Year: 2010
Genre: Sci-Fi / Horror / Dark Humor / Drama
Production companies: Universidad Iberoamericana / Yellow Films / Bindiva Films

Directed by: Isaac Ezban
Written by: Isaac Ezban
Produced by: Pamela Hernández / Miriam Mercado
Executive Producers: Universidad Iberoamericana / Yellow Films / Adelle Achar / Isaac Ezban / Isaac Cherem
Staring: Miguel Couturier, Aida Torres, Julia Carrillo, Victor Bonilla, Carlos Aragón and introducing Mijael Askenazi as Kriko Krakinsky
Director of Photography: Francisco Ohem
Production Designer: Adelle Achar
Art director and Costumes: Adelle Achar
Special Effects Prosthetics Built and Operated by: Alfredo Garcia (Zombie Studios)
Make-up: Marina Rodríguez / Karina Vargas / Sophie Krueghe
Insect trainer: Juan Alcantara
1st Assistant Director: Carlos Hernández
Edited by: Isaac Ezban
Sound Design by: Daniel Maurer
Original Music by: Fernando Alanis / Fabian Arellano

COSAS FEAS (Nasty Stuff) began as a small independent student film few people believed in, and became a major International phenomenon after been screened in Official Selection in over 35 international festivals in countries like Mexico, Argentina, USA, Spain, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Thailand, Australia, Egypt, winning more than 10 awards and being called by Guillermo del Toro “enigmatic” “potent” and “full of ideas”.
Audiences all over the world have screemed, vomited and even walked out with disgust at this great story aviable for the first time on the internet FOR FREE, featuring unique special effects never done befote in Mexico and amazing performances by the late Miguel Couturier, Aida Torres, Mijael Askenazi, Julia Carrillo, Victor Bonilla and Carlos Aragón.
The film follows the story of Kriko Krakinsky, a lonely 11-year-old boy living in a strange a bizarre family of immigrants that share disturbing and mysterious behaviors around sexual issues.

Winner of more than 10 awards and selected in over 35 international festivales, including:

Best Original Screenplay – Isaac Ezban
Best Actor – Mijael Askenazi
Best Special Effects – Alfredo García
Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival
Buffalo, NY USA 2011

Best Short Film
A Night Of Horror Film Festival
Sydney, Australia 2011

Best Horror Film
International Ireland Film Festival
Ireland, 2011

Best Film
Best Director – Isaac Ezban
Best Music Score – Fernando Alanís & Fabian Arellano
Best Original Screenplay – Isaac Ezban
Hazficciarte International Film Festival
Mexico City, Mexico 2010

Best Production Design – Adelle Achar
Lanterna International Film Festival
Mexico DF, Mexico 2010

Festival Serie/B
Santiago, Chile 2011

Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre
Buenos Aires, Argentina 2010

Lanterna International Film Festival
Mexico City, Mexico 2010

Macabro Film Festival
Mexico City, Mexico 2010

Morbido Film Festival
Tlalpujahua, Michoacan. Mexico 2010

Short Shorts Film Festival / Macabro Program
Mexico City, Mexico 2010

Hazficciarte International Film Festival
Mexico City, Mexico 2010

Puebla International Film Festival
Puebla, Mexico 2010

Kinoki International Film Festival
Mexico City, Mexico 2011

Hola Mexico Film Festival
Los Angeles, California

... and 30 more international festivals. More info on yellowfilms.net

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