Submission for 'Storytelling the Stillmotion Way Challenge' - Top 10 finalists
Andy Russell is a bike enthusiast, who loves building bikes - with a twist.

Purpose: Key words - Innovation, Style, Achievement, Community, Future

People: The main character was Andy Russell a bike enthusiast. Throughout the video he encountered people he did not already know from the biking community who showed interest in his creation and gave him a helping hand when he was struggling.

Places: Andy's own workshop shed made a great location as it was full of quirky decorative features and illustrated the innovative nature of his work as well as the budgetary struggle with limited space and equipment. The second location was the Stafford County Showground Bike Festival which, luck had it, was held in the first weekend of the challenge. The final location was the open road, helping to illustrate the product of his creation but also his journey into the future.

Plot: The plot followed Andy's journey in discovering his love of bikes and building things. It also demonstrated the struggle in creating something magnificant with only a small budget. However, this limitation was one of the things that actually spurred Andy on in creating something so unusual and innovative.

Equipment: Shot on Sony NEX 5N with kit lens and Sirius 70-210mm; natural lighting.

Music: "Silhouettes" by The OO-Ray (

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