This is a quick test showing the LCDs delay. I do not recommand this VF for Sony FS700 or any other camera delaying the output signal. I will see the Cineroid Retina soon. Please feel free to contact me for info:

Update 1:
I have sold Alphatron and recieved new Cineroid 4RVW today... It is WAY BETTER than the Alphatron EVF035W-3G. It has quite no lag (below one frame), the eye cup has MUCH better fit, it has battery status indicator, variable battery adapter plates, better one push buttons solution, better (professional like) peakink, it is smaller and prapably lighter. There are only minor things worse. Don't buy Alphatron EVF035W-3G with its hudge lag, Cineroid 4RVW is WAY BETTER and cheaper solution!

Update 2:
Cons I found on the Cineroid 4RVW after one day usage:
- LCD is 60HZ only. That means its not showing 25p, 50p or 50i properly. Its like playing 50p material on 60p monitor, its jiggeling. But compared to Alphatrons hudge lag its still better EVF.
- Canon EP6 batteries dont fit well, and the scrolling wheel is not going well (propably bad made piece).
- Only one type of wectorscope (the classic vertical one), but better zebra.

Anyway, Cineroid is still much better EVF and Im happy I sold the Alphatron.

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