Bristol Open Bike Polo Tournament 2013.
Shot over 2 days, April 20th and 21st.

Final results:
1st Spring Fake (josh CBG, Jon, Adam LDN)
2nd 5G (Neil, Andy, Emyr MCR)
3rd Black Stabbath (Dan, Fin, Andy BIR)
4th Colon Cologne (Mayeut, Sean, Ben LDN)
5th H-Bomb & The Frequent Flyers (John, Cameron LDN, Chris SHF)
5th 7 Shades of Daverage (Chris, Jamie ESH, Dave LDN)
7th Wrists (Neil, Matthew, Mya BIR)
7th Skallywags (Kropa, Johnny DUB)
9th Yomoyo (Arunas, Jimmy, Louis LDN)
9th The Hinkley Point Atomics (Ben, Antonio LDN, DutchMaster SAN)
9th Dead Rappers (Tom, Max CBG, Brendan LDN)
9th Whacked Off (Rich, Andre, Casper BRS)
13th TFU (Adrian, Patrick BRS, Andrew SHF)
13th Prawn Attack (Alfie BRS, Jess, Zoe LDN)
13th Skull Attack (Alejandro BCN, Paul, Osian CWL)
13th New Direction (Chris ?, Stephen, Rob MCR)
17th Schnick Schnack Schnuck (Kristian, Adam, Mark CAN)
17th Team Cowboy Boots ()
17th Party Illuminati (Tum MCR, Shane, Edd NWM)
17th Jean Claude God Damn (Leo-Jay EDI, Salman, Andy MCR)
17th Cardiff Bike Polo-Roids (Jeff, Hugo CWL, Scott MCR)
17th No Polo For Old Men (John, Dave, Dave SHF)
17th Love Scrooge Trio (Karola ESH)
17th Mid Life Crisis (Cab, Juan BRS)
19th Kamikaze (Leah, Sophie BRS, Emma MCR)
19th 1 Stick, 2 Poles ()

Bristol Open 2013 - 20th/21st April
Come and see our fancy new courts. And play polo on them.

Facebook page:
Saturday 20th (registration 8.30am) and Sunday 21st April (end by 6.00pm).
5 Swiss rounds plus double elim (28 teams) and polocat on Staurday!

Courts are at St Pauls Community Sports Academy, easily accessed via the M32 - St Pauls, Newfoundland Road, Bristol, BS2 9NH. We have two excellent large courts, smooth surface, shoulder high boards all round. The centre has toilet and shower facilities.

Tournament supported by: Magic Bike Polo, Urban Cyclery, Bagaboo, Restrap, BigxTop, Ass Savers, Ergon Grips, Modifide Polo, Bagaboo, Gryphus, Not Guilty, Wogan Coffee and Stick In Mind.

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