This is a music video we made for Newcastle singer-songwriter Abby Salter.
Song written and performed by Abby Salter.
The song was recorded by Renée Giles, microphone provided by Music Centre Gosford.
The mix of the song was done by Renée Giles and Tasmanian audio engineer Luke Bone.
Audio mastering by Tasmanian audio engineer Douglas Briton.
Music video directed by Vincent Moody.
Cinematography by Renée Giles.
All night footage by Renée Giles, shot on 5D Mark II, FS700, and XF305, using Steadicam, Handheld, Jib, and Slider.
Daylight footage by Vincent Moody.
Production design by Danielle Pomfret.
Edited by Craig Giles (this version only, cinematographer's edit).
Crew on set: Vincent Moody, Danielle Pomfret, Haylee Golden, Renée Giles.

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