Geoffrey Samuels director of BAHAR speaks about the start of his research interests in anthropology and how BAHAR has extended these concerns into a cross disciplinary network of colleagues who work together. This video was quickly assembled by artist Glenn Davidson of Artstation to a script by Geoffrey, for the following event in which BAHAR members are participating.

Immaginiamo la Sicilia...
let's imagine Sicily...

“Immaginiamo la Sicilia…” will take place in Siracusa, Italy, on Thursday 9th of May 2013 at 6pm, at the Arkimedeion Museum (in piazza Archimede 11, Siracusa).International experts led by British artist Jane Boyd will discuss current ecoinnovative urban and cultural models. «We would like to imagine Sicily as a place capable of transformation and a contemporary identity» says event coordinator Silvana Tuccio.
British artist Jane Boyd (biography) together with Italian architect Lorenzo Aiello will launch the project Connecting People to Place. In videoconference Geoffrey Samuel, director of of the BAHAR research group, University of Cardiff (Wales), Chris Ryan, director of VEIL, University of Melbourne (Australia) and Han Brezet, director of Design for Sustainability, Technical University Delft(Netherlands). Resilient, low-carbon living, and the contemporary city will be explored along an imaginary bike path that surrounds the island.

“We are interested in revealing the contemporary value of place” – says Silvana Tuccio, co-founder of the cultural organisation Lacunae. With Connecting People to Place, the idea is to take the city of Siracusa as a laboratory, and through cultural and urban design interventions on the theme of water generate ecoinnovative ideas.” Small pockets of change can have an impact on the the wellbeing of a city and its people, the question is how?The BAHAR model of engaging people through the arts, the VEIL ecoacupuncture approach of engaging local administration, community and students to produce urban interventions, and the ecodesign criteria developed by DfS touch on the urban, the cultural and the technological, and the potential for transformation in relation to place.Jane Boyd «I will set out some of the ways in which individual perceptions define a sense of place as distinct from space. Focusing on Cyfarthfa in South Wales and Siracusa, where histories have been wrought by the presence of water».

In collaboration with VEIL (Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab), University of Melbourne, Australia,BAHAR (Body, Health and Religion Research Group), Cardiff University, Wales, DfS (Design for Sustainability) Technical University, Delft Netherlands, and Arkimedeion, Siracusa, Italy.
With the kind support of Domus Mariae Benessere Ortigia Hotel, and Sara Viaggi Siracusa.
Mediapartner: Genia Box
Conceived by: Silvana Tuccio
Organisation: Associazione Lacunae

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