Winner film of the NUFF Global film competition at NUFF 2007
Animation, Czech Republic 2007, 6'42
Script: Lucie Stamfestová, Pavel Sobek
Director: Lucie Stamfestová
Director of Photography: Thomas Krivý
Animation: Lucie Stamfestová, Daniela Vasicová, Jan Ott
Music: Jakub Vlachynský, Jan Krofta, Pavel Sobek, Tamás Kubica
Production: Martin Hulovec, Jakub Tlapák, Punk Film

A man forgets to close the door of a fridge. Therefore the micro climax inside changes. Vegetables start sprouting, chickens start hatching out of the eggs. The light bulb is heating. The groceries are getting spoiled and dry. The cans are blowing out; mould is sprawling round the fridge. Grilled chickens are turning into skeletons. The freezer is getting dry. The fridge stops working.

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