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This is the full Miami Water Ski Team video for the 2012 year (A Marketing Video will be released shortly) - A record breaking year not only in the sense of the skiers - but for the team as a whole. First time placing top 8 at Regionals, First time all 5 women jumpers landed in competition (and the women carried the team gaining what became sure fire points throughout the season), the coveted Spirit Award at Regionals, and not only for the first time getting to the Nationals Tournament, but being placed in the Division 1 against the best College skiers in the nation, and arguably the world. Then, amongst those; placing the Top 10 in the Nation and 5 skiers nominated to compete in the All Star team.

This senior group of skiers were not only the first to see the team transition from a club of boating enthusiasts to an athletic squad demanding respect; but were a driving force behind doing so. In 2009 they had a vision where they wanted to take this team, in 2012 they lived that vision. These are some of the highlights from that season, when they accomplished all they set out for; Against All Odds.

2012 List of Achievements:
All 5 Women Jumpers Landing in Competition
Spirit Award: Regionals
Top 5 Finish at Regionals
Qualify Division 1 at Nationals
Top 10 In the Nation
NCWSA Team of the Year
NCWSA Female Leader of the Year
MCWSA Team of the Year
Miami University Athletics Team of the Year
5 National All Star Team Nominees

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