This is my stop motion assignment for my university class KNB111 - Animation Methodologies. We had to make a 1 minute video starring 2 characters interacting together.

The characters I have used are from spiderman and from star wars and sometimes their movements were really good while other times they were difficult to use because of how they are structured. The set that they are in is actually a box which I gave a background. I printed out a lot of pictures (used a ton of ink in the process) and stuck them on the walls of the box to do this. I like how the background seems to jump out sometimes.

I took all the pictures using a webcam and the software DragonFrame. Then I edited and created the video using the software Adobe After Effects. I had many problems such as webcam not working on DragonFrame, DragonFrame not working, etc. and the project did take forever to do, but overall I think this was actually quite fun to make in the end.

Either way, it is done, this is my assignment. Please watch and tell me what you think. :)

EDIT: Also, there is actually no sound with this video. That's because I already had so much to do and since sound isn't being marked, I decided not to do it. Maybe someday in the future when I find time, I might give this video some sounds. We'll just have to wait and see.

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