This day in age we are completely engulfed in the technological world.
It so easy to get caught up with technology and devices and I sometimes wonder if it is all even necessary.

The sounds in my project represent the interactions in which we make with technology on a day-to-day basis. The repetition of beeps represents the routines in which we put ourselves in. Constantly going back and forth relying on various devices.

Throughout the clip each different beep represents a different device. The loud piercing sounds are completely intended and are a reminder to the consumer about the number of devices we rely on.

Instead of playing a constant sound I wanted the user to interact with the device itself. I want them to realize that they are in control. However, the more you stretch the device the more repetitions occur and you eventually lose control.

The aesthetics behind my Sonic treasure was inspired by Braun’s 20th century radio designs. The sleek and minimalist design represents the start of the technological revolution, suiting my concept and context appropriately. The name of my project, ‘SK BLACK’ is taken from the popular and famous Braun’s ‘SK’ radio range.

The audio device consists of a breadboard, amp, resistors and a 9v battery. The black-coloured parts are 3-d printed .
The mercury tilt switches are randomly placed in the sphere, so it’s hard to get a grasp on exactly what movement makes what sound. This encourages the user to explore the flexibility of the device creating more of a connection.

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