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What's the film about?!

"If I Have to Go" is the emotionally charged story of two volatile couples struggling to make sense of love in the face of rejection and loss.

Ray and Phil were practically brothers since childhood. After 8 years of estrangement, they're brought together once again by the funeral of Ray's father. Although numb to life as a result of past choices and betrayals unknown to Phil, Ray nonetheless attempts one more grand gesture to set things right between them. A psychiatrist by trade, Ray's last hope to learn and grow comes from an unwitting source - Henry - a senior patient who has experienced a life of genuine love and refuses to let go in spite of his wife's battle with cancer.

In the face of unemployment and financial hardship, Phil struggles to "lasso the moon" for his chronically depressed and previously suicidal wife Laura, whose heart now lies with another man. At the same time, Ray's wife, Tess, begins to crack, as she fights desperately to keep the quaint little "house of cards" life she's built from collapsing around her. Ray's grand gesture proves to be a bitter-sweet victory for Phil, who's left to pick up the pieces of the broken lives left in Ray's wake.

Do you want to be loved? Are you capable of loving? Our film will give you an intimate window to the souls of Ray, Tess, Phil and Laura with Henry's beautiful introspection woven throughout the film. Why? To give you a compelling film that will leave you with no other option but to examine your own life and choices, so that ultimately you can appreciate the great power we each possess to give love, or to create heartbreak in the lives of those around us.

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