Make it Ash - World premiere video of pop megastar Moronika. With so much money---she doesn't make it rain, she makes it ash!

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Directed by Kerry Coddett
Produced by Krystal Coddett
Written by Kerry Coddett
Music by Kerry Coddett and Jeremiah "Fresh Beatz" Thomas



I make it ash, though
Yea, I make it ash, yo
Smoke circling the air like a lasso
Make, make it ash, though
Burning through my cash flow
Got money out my ass
So I gotta make it ash

Verse 1:

They say that I'm insane
Cuz I'm burning money fast
Got so much cash
I don't need to keep a stash
I don't make it rain
No I don't make it splash
Everywhere I go I flash
Burning money making ash
When I say green
I'm talking bout my paper
When I roll my green
I use my green as rolling papers
Burning all my cream
I'm the Cremator
Earning money now
To incinerate it later
Ask your questions now
Don't insinuate it later
Why you burning money?
Why you being such a hater?
Racks on Racks on racks
Like I'm a skater
Could spare to burn some stacks up
I can stack em back up later


Verse 2:

Cash rules everything around me
Queen of getting that money
Burning up these bills y'all
If I say I'm saving then I'm lying
Waste of money, waste of time
Just bought a pair of wings
To figure out how to fly
I'm a baller, dollar broiler,
I don't give a fuck
I put my money in the cauldron
Let it crisp and burn up
Bucks on fire, turned up
Who got time to wait and see what they interest rate done earned up
Word up
Tell the FDIC that IDC, and IDK about an IRA
IRS I could Care Less
LOL go to hell with your 401k
Don't tell me bout no NASDAQ/ DOW
I need my money now
No cash to blow, then you're low brow
Can't stunt I'll you show how
This for professionals
Don't everybody follow
Now call the waitress up
Tell her bring out all the bottles
I'ma shake it, throw it up
Like food--- model
Then strike a match and blow the place.



Live each day like it's my last
So I'm gonna have blast
Gotta make it grand
Famine is sad, poor homeless man
I'd really like to lend a hand
But I'm kinda strapped for cash

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