Here is the link to the short film "aQua ad lavandum - in brevi":

"aQua ad lavandum -- in brevi" is a 2008 German short film, written and directed by Florian Metzner and Helge Balzer. The film is a cooperation between the think tank Amber Artworks -- creative film and the Film and Television University "KONRAD WOLF" in Potsdam/Babelsberg.
The parabolical story is about a man named Debitus (Alexander Schubert) who tries to free himself from his guilt following an unintentional murder but becomes more and more trapped in the situation until Impedim, a creature hidden in darkness, guids him to a mystical well. With the water from the well Debitus is able to clean himself from the blood -- not knowing, that he´s causing even more insurmountable problems by doing so.
Enriched with award winning visual effects by Dennis Rettkowski and accompanied with an orchestral score by Stefan Maria Schneider, the film takes the audience into a whole new, strange and dark world, which blurs the boundaries between good and evil, guild and innocence.
Confront a part of yourself you always hoped would not exist!.

written and directed by Helge Balzer & Florian Metzner
developed by Amber Artworks - creative film
produced by Florian Metzner, Helge Balzer, Dennis Rettkowski
executive producer Fabian Hoffmann
line producer Anya Grünewald

Alexander Schubert as Debitus/Impedim

director of photography Benjamin Bayer
camera operator Olaf Aue
editor Florian Metzner
VFX supervisor Dennis Rettkowski
production design by Helge Balzer
music composed and orchestrated by Stefan Maria Schneider
sound design by Florian Schäfer
sound re-recording mixers Alexej Ashkenazy & Florian Schäfer

copyright 2008 by HFF Potsdam / Babelsberg "Konrad Wolf"

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