interactive light installation by Christine Lyschik
first exibition 2013, "Gebaeude 27" Mainz, Germany

This media art project creates the illusion of a living creature, named Genariya, using the tools of VVVV programming, motion capturing and 3D sounddesign.

96 lightballs positioned in the shape of a tornado are creating Genariya's live space, which seems to exist far beyond the boarders of the actual installation. The light creature interacts with the moving audience, expressing its emotions like fear, sadness and happiness.

Victoria Söntgen's performance dance gives Genariya it´s natural movement, recorded via 3D Motion Capturing. For tracking the audience the infrared scanning system Radar Touch is used. By following the light with 3D audio panning Genariya's movements are emphasized.

concept & project management: Christine Lyschik

VVVV programming: Christine Lyschik

sound design: Jan Mayerhofer & Sebastian Hohberg

audio programming & electronic support: Jan Mayerhofer

light controller programming: Alexander Züpke

dance performance: Victoria Söntgen

educational support: Kyrill Fischer, Thorsten Greiner (university of applied science Darmstadt)
vvvv support: Nils Buhlert

supported by: Realtime Department, LED Studien: Nino Turianskyi, Gebäude 27, bright!, VBS Hobby Versand

Biggest Thanks to my family and friends for their enormous support.

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